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Smokehouse Cheddar™

Garlic & Herb Jack

The rich taste of creamy Monterey Jack cheese meets garlic and herbs to create one big, bold flavor. Perfect for making any sandwich stand out.

Tomato & Basil Jack

Garlic, Tomato and Basil meet the creamy semi-soft texture of Monterey Jack cheese to bring you anything but ordinary flavor. Perfect for kicking grilled cheese up a notch.

Mild Cheddar

An American favorite, Cheddar cheese is incredibly versatile. Our take on Mild Cheddar cheese ups the rich, creamy taste to help make any sandwich a masterpiece.

Medium Cheddar

Not too mild, not too sharp, Sargento® Medium Cheddar cheese brings just enough bite to wake up your taste buds.


Sharp Cheddar

When you bite Sharp Cheddar cheese, it bites back! Flavorful enough to stand on its own, this version adds zing to everything from a burger to apple pie to the ultimate grilled cheese.

Extra Sharp Cheddar

Extra Sharp Cheddar cheese has an authentic, nutty and salty taste. Add the unique bite to hot pressed panini or bring a hearty layer of flavor to your favorite veggie sandwich.


The delicious tang of our Cheddar cheese meets the smooth taste of our Monterey Jack. Melt a slice on your turkey burger to see its marbled perfection in action.


The clean taste of Mild Cheddar cheese is perfectly balanced with the authentic creaminess of low moisture Mozzarella cheese. These versatile slices are the perfect addition to burgers and soups, or as the finishing touch to any meal.


Similar to Mild Cheddar cheese, but softer and more open-textured, Colby cheese is excellent in sandwiches, on crackers or with a bowl of hot soup.


A delicious combination of Colby and Monterey Jack Cheeses adds fresh flavor to cold cut sandwiches and melts smoothly in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Colby Pepper Jack

This delicious blend of Monterey Jack cheese with habanero and jalapeño peppers delivers just enough kick to balance off the soft, mellow Colby cheese. Makes for a bold twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich.


This semi-soft cheese has a mild, buttery taste that brings a wonderful creaminess to any sandwich. Layer it on turkey sandwiches or watch it melt beautifully within prosciutto panini.


With a mild, nutty flavor and buttery texture, this natural cheese pairs perfectly with smoked ham and apple butter for a sandwich that’s unlike anything else.


Sliced low moisture part-skim Mozzarella cheese melts beautifully on a meatball sandwich or brings Italian influence to your turkey sandwich.


This mild, soft cheese is delicious alone or piled high in a sandwich with cold cuts such as ham or salami.


Monterey Jack cheese blended with habanero and jalapeño peppers adds a burst of heat to a turkey or roast beef sandwich and makes for a great afternoon snack when served with crackers.

Reserve Series™ Slices

Sargento brings the Reserve Series™ cheese to slices! These specialty cheeses are 100% real, natural cheeses and they offer rich, savory flavors for sandwiches and beyond. Discover gourmet tastes for everyday eats.

What makes Real Cheese People® different?

Learn about our innovation

In 1958 Sargento became the first company to market shredded cheese.
We make it today like we did back then, shredded from real, natural cheese, with freshness you can see and taste.